Anicka loves photographs ever since she can remember. When she was a little girl she used to visit cat shelter to take the photos. She joined this project to help shelter animals to find their homes, also to point at the cat castration problematics and the issue of large numbers of unwanted animals in the shelters.

Anna is an amateur photographer that has been taking pictures and nature and animals since her childhood. She mainly likes to photograph dogs and cats. Anna recently starting using sophisticated camera equipment, which has resulted in her more recent photographs having a very high quality and clarity to them. She began taking photographs of dogs and cats for an animal advocacy organization, which has helped increase visibility of that organization and to place some of the animals into good homes. Anna has won two local photo competitions and plans to continue pursuing her interest in taking pictures of cats and dogs as she feels that it’s very helpful for finding good adoptive parents. In that regard, her greatest photographic success occurred after a picture she took of a dog was posted on the website of an animal advocacy organization, and in just one hour the dog was sheltered to a good home with a loving adoptive family.

Christian and Adéla are two photographers from Pilsen and have been taking pictures since 2010. They have a special relationship with animals as their two cats are all their world. At one point, when they were eating at a pizza restaurant, they encountered a stray kitten that they decided to rescue and adopt. They deeply understand how important it is to adopt and give animals a new loving home and a chance for a nice life. This way they would like to help get as many animals as possible.

Ivana is keen photographer since 2012. She treats each photograph as a life memory. She mainly takes photos of sport or social events, travelling reports, nature and last but not least pet portraits.  Jack Russel Terrier Bono is her most common model.  She believes project Click and Feed has a sense and she is willing to help unwanted animals to find their new “forever” homes.

Jana left the world of “big business” sphere in 2015 to go what she felt for a long time to be the right direction – photography as well as painting and poem writing. She photographs anything anywhere anytime, but also makes the touch harmonization paintings with poems, she loves to dance and live fully … she talks about herself as a “weirdo” and witch😊 She says: “I consider passing what I can do or create futher a little miracle. The life is a miracle, because it is a story full of events and that means a lot. I cannot influence the end of the life, but I can influence the story…”

Klara is 24 years old, and started taking photographs about 2017. She is currently employed as an office in Olomouc, and aspires to become a full time photographer. Starting September, Klara has enrolled in a part time photography school in Brno (Photo-Genia). As a volunteer, she photographs abandoned animals in the Voříšek shelter (Čechy pod Kosířem) and also offers her photography services for abandoned animals. But she would like to help more through following her passion for photographing animals... Klara and her boyfriend have a cross-border female collie that they like to spend time in the woods or in the mountains.

Lucie first became interested in photography in 2007. She then went to study at Michael's School, where she successfully graduated. Her photos at that time appeared on two exhibitions and also received a school award for them. From 2017 to 2020, she worked as a professional photographer for pets, documentaries and reports. As animals are an important part of her life, she also deals with some animal issues in her personal works (such as The Living of the Rat Fighters). And through this photographic path she would like to help.…ova

Martina used to work in marketing (three years as a marketing manager for ZOO Prague), now being partly disabled – she is helping from home. She loves animals and taking photos so wants to join these two hobbies and help the project– and Click and Feed makes it possible.

Martina’s first attempt for a professional photography was actually under the water in 2001 when she was 14. She received a lot of Czech and International awards for her those. These days she also holds photography exhibitions and gives the lectures. Except all that she also loves video recording. Photo and video can sometimes express more than simple word can do and influence a person significantly. With her talents Martina would love to help not only to homeless animals to find their new “fur-ever”  homes, but also help the shelters to represent themselves more effectively.