I have started Click&Feed Project because I just could not ignore all the sad stories of abandoned animals anymore, I felt like I had to start helping, become more active in this issue. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved all the animals and was trying to save them all. To be honest I think it was really only a matter of time before something like “Fill the Bowl” comes to my mind.
The problem of overcrowded shelters needs to be sorted out. How? Ideally by prevention, that means also by informing children and adults about what it takes (and brings) to purchase the animals. That will help and solution in the future. But except that we also must take care of animals that already are in the shelters. And one of many ways how is to provide them good quality food, thanks to which the animal is in great condition and has much better chance for adoption. I adopted a dog from a shelter myself, her name is Barunka and she is awesome. Help to save the animals every day! One click will fill the bowl for abandoned animals. And it won’t cost you a thing!

The Results