Have your beloved fluffy friend’s portrait!

If you order the portrait of your pet, you are directly donating to the shelters too. It’ s so easy! Just send the photo of your pet(s) by email. It’s a perfect way how to make somebody’s day (or yours😊) and help as well! The painting is ideal gift for any loving pet owner.

Eva Brown is a well-known artist specializing in animal portraits for years. She takes the faith of abused and homeless animals very seriously therefore tries to help as much as possible. The cooperation with CNF project started very spontaneously, when Eva contacted Martina, the founder of the project, that she would love to paint her dog Barunka as a reward for all her effort and help she provides to the shelters and animals. Martina was very happy to agree and the amazing painting arrived in a week.

Now you have the same possibility – treat yourself and support the shelters as well! Just place and order, email the photograph of your pet and wait to receive the art piece soon! It’s so simple you can not only treat yourself but also your friends and family pet lovers.

Choose from two possible sizes:

1) 30 x 40 cm
250 CZK (50 CZK paint, 100 CZK packing&postage fees, 100 CZK shelters)
2) 40 x 60 cm
650 CZK (50 CZK paint, 200 CZK packing&postage fees, 400 CZK shelters)

Usually Eva can finish the paintings within a week. Day 1 she studies the model and it’s characteristics, day 2-3 she spends by painting. She needs one day for drying the base paint which she mixes with the sand to make the better structure of the painting layer. Last day she usually spends by finishing the details and making the painting totally perfect in every single way.

Please contact Eva and send your order to: evaeli.asova@seznam.cz