Artist Eva Kaskova is creating the drawings of animals for many years. She emphasizes with hopeless animals and helps as much as she can. Her cooperation with CNF started when Eva contacted founder of our project Martina and offered her to draw a picture of her dog Barunka.  She can do the same for you. Order a portrait of your pet, send email with the photo and she will make beautiful drawing for you.  Choose from 2 sizes 1) 30 x 20 cm .... 150 CZK ( 50 CZK for the paint, 100 CZK for the shelters) + postage 2) 70 x 33 cm .....500 CZK (100 CZK for the paint,  400 CZK for the shelters) + postage Eva will send your picture to you within a week. She needs one day to watch the model and study the facial expression, two days to draw, then one day for the base paint to dry – she is also adding sand for better surface structure. Last day she is finishing the details. Please send your orders to